New Year, New Goals

But first a recap.  In 2014, I met most of my writing goals. I wrote four novellas. I managed the presidential chair of my RWA chapter, Capital Region RWA in Albany (an amazing group of writers, if you ask my humble opinion). I entered contests—no wins. I pitched—no requests.  I submitted to a publisher—jury still out on that one. I joined a critique group—what a learning experience that has been! And I explored.

I ran three experiments this year. 1. Can I write a hot fairy tale? (Not really.) 2. Can I write erotica? (This one turned out much better than I thought it would.) 3. Can I write a ghost story? (Yep.) If you count that up, that’s three of my four novellas. The last one, a YA, was little shorter. Cute but sellable? Hmmmm…

Looking back at my accomplishments, I wonder where to go from here. I have the “writing thing” down. I had a 5000 word day during NaNoWriMo and consistently hit 600 or more words on a twenty minute sprint. I think 2015 will be a year focused on polishing manuscripts and submitting them. I can’t be a published author if I don’t submit, right? Well, long and short here are my 2015 goals:

  • Submit to 3-5 publishers before March
  • Submit to 3-5 publishers (with other work) by May
  • Go to the National RWA conference in July
  • Win NaNoWriMo again (third time’s a charm, right?)
  • Write a mystery
  • Write an erotic novella
  • Write a horror novella
  • Blog more consistently

Oh and

  • Eat more veggies


Hi there folks. It’s been an exciting couple of months here in Upstate NY. Winter has finally ended. (Don’t get me started on THAT topic.) Spring has arrived and so has the crazy.

I am attending the New England Chapter of RWA’s annual conference. I did the usual planning one does for these things. I made a hotel reservation. (I am actually very proud that I remembered to do this.) I made agent/editor appointments and submitted my work. I paid for my registration. And then promptly forgot about the whole thing until now.

I spent the past few months editing my long novel for submission in late May and June. I decided to do Camp NaNoWriMO in April, writing a novel for a contest from Decadent Publishing. With the help of my chaptermates at CR-RWA, we planned out a visit from Entangled editor Liz Pellitier. Then I remembered NEC was next weekend. What? Wait? NEXT weekend? Oh, man, I’m in trouble.

So seeing that I was out of time, I did what any unpublished writer would do. No, I didn’t update my blog (well, not yet) or make my webpage more exciting or remember to post on Facebook and Twitter. I went shopping. I didn’t panic at the fashion dilemma I faced. This time around, I had an ace in the hole. My nine year old came with me to 12 stores and helped me pick something that was not ‘too old lady.’ She assured me that usual funny t-shirt and baggie jeans would NOT work for this event so I splurged and purchased a dress.

So here I am, Sunday before the event, with a new dress and a fresh haircut, an empty blog page on my canned-looking website, a sketchy FB page and a Twitter that is more about saying Hi to friends. Maybe, just maybe, those agents and editors will see the humor here. :o)

Hello world!

Hopefully I will have some news to post soon. So far I can share that I finally made my webpage!