Archive | February 2014

New England here I come!

Well, it’s February and I am gearing up for New England’s conference. I am hoping to pitch, if I can get my knees to stop shaking. Yes, I know I did it last year but that was so spontaneous that I had no time to get nauseous before hand! I have three contemporary stories in various stages of readiness but….My brain keeps focusing on YA and fairy tales! Every since NANO when I wrote my own version of Sleeping Beauty, I cannot stop thinking about that world I created. I have all those pages and pages of back story and something is telling me there are more tales to tell. I have been playing in that world a bit and perhaps there is a series there. If I could just sit down for a day or two, perhaps I could map out a short series of YA romance novels based in the fairy tale world of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. Well, wish me luck in New England! 😀


Thanks everyone for your support and comments on the new website. I am still trying to figure out all the kinks and plug ins and whatnot. I have visions of myself becoming the techie-girl I used to be 20 years ago. (I know, good luck with that, right? LOL) Anyway, thank you! VF