Back to School

Ah, Back to School. How do describe it? Imagine a woman, hauling ass on an out-of-control treadmill, desperately trying to hit the off button, and ending up face down on the floor. Yeah, that’s me in September.

By the end of August, I’m raring for my two girls, ages 8 and 10, to get out of my hair for six hours a day. It’s never that simple. September rolls in, after a long lazy August, and life turns into that treadmill. Once we have purchased the 100s of pounds of supplies and put the loaded down little buggers on the bus, you would think Mom could breathe a sigh of relief.


Next comes the reams of forms, fundraisers, and back to school activities, amounting to a personal landfill. Let’s not forget the homework, because my eight-year old really needs to buckle down and study in third grade.

Everything else starts in September too. Not only are we dashing around to trying to find the right pencils and that elusive orange folder, we must gather supplies for softball, soccer, music and dance classes. Then we must attend all these classes, lessons and games, turning Mom into a pack mule, again.

It’s September 12. I am tired and broke. Happy Back to School!

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