New Year, New Goals

But first a recap.  In 2014, I met most of my writing goals. I wrote four novellas. I managed the presidential chair of my RWA chapter, Capital Region RWA in Albany (an amazing group of writers, if you ask my humble opinion). I entered contests—no wins. I pitched—no requests.  I submitted to a publisher—jury still out on that one. I joined a critique group—what a learning experience that has been! And I explored.

I ran three experiments this year. 1. Can I write a hot fairy tale? (Not really.) 2. Can I write erotica? (This one turned out much better than I thought it would.) 3. Can I write a ghost story? (Yep.) If you count that up, that’s three of my four novellas. The last one, a YA, was little shorter. Cute but sellable? Hmmmm…

Looking back at my accomplishments, I wonder where to go from here. I have the “writing thing” down. I had a 5000 word day during NaNoWriMo and consistently hit 600 or more words on a twenty minute sprint. I think 2015 will be a year focused on polishing manuscripts and submitting them. I can’t be a published author if I don’t submit, right? Well, long and short here are my 2015 goals:

  • Submit to 3-5 publishers before March
  • Submit to 3-5 publishers (with other work) by May
  • Go to the National RWA conference in July
  • Win NaNoWriMo again (third time’s a charm, right?)
  • Write a mystery
  • Write an erotic novella
  • Write a horror novella
  • Blog more consistently

Oh and

  • Eat more veggies

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals

  1. I am so proud of you! Soon I will be able to say, Yeah- I know that Published Author! She writes some pretty great stuff!

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