A Year in Review


Hi all.

I wanted to thank everyone who’s followed my blog. My friend, Cara, told me I was overly ambitious
to take on a weekly apps blog. And she might’ve been right. Posts went up most
weeks, and we reviewed so many programs.

Next year, I plan to continue the same format—three
posts for most items. The first tells what the app is, the second how to use it,
and the third has some ideas for authors. I’m also hoping to do some Mac-only programs
next year, either with guest bloggers or maybe, just maybe, my own i-device.
Fingers crossed.

But let’s
review this year’s apps. I wanted to find software that helps in many writing areas:
Productivity, Organization, Marketing, and Self Care.

  • Scrivener—a
    fantastic app for drafting, editing, and publishing novels. There’s a learning curve, but the
    support is excellent.
  • Scapple—a
    brainstorming app by the same company as Scrivener. Wonderful for charting,
    mapping, etc.
  • Aeon
    —time-lining software that allows tons of detail. Authors can
    easily create a story bible.
  • Blogger—an
    app to create and publish a blog. (Not as much productivity as marketing, BUT
    it is writing!)
  • NaNoWriMo—a
    yearly contest but with goals, word counts, and community.
  • Grammar Apps—Grammarly,
    and ProWritingAid
    (Using all three really helps.)
  • Keep—a
    post-it note app that is cloud-based. (I love this app.)
  • Trello—a
    project manager to organize your entire life and then some
  • Focus
    —a Pomodoro timer with spaces for all your projects
  • Canva—a
    graphic design app with tons of social media templates. It’s the most useful app on the
    list, next to Keep.
  • WordPress—a
    website builder. Excellent for creating your brand in a few easy steps.
  • Digital
    Picture sites
    —add images to your ads, social media, or book covers.
  • DIY
    book covers
    —create fabulous mockups of your cover.


I hope to have new and wonderful apps again for you
next year. So far on the list, I have Vellum, Forest, Plottr, and Airtable. Let
me know what else you’d
like to see.

Thank you! Love, Ginny



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