Airtable is a spreadsheet, database, and organizer, customizable
for individual users. The program/app was created with the idea that work
should dictate how the software functions. You can use it as an app or in a
browser. The app is cloud-based for smooth syncing between devices.

As an author, the words spreadsheet and database
scare me the hell out of me. And I’m
a bit of a computer nerd. But Airtable makes it simple. This isn’t Excel or
Access with their clunky, hard to learn formats. Instead, the program is truly
user friendly, easy to learn, and comes with tons of templates to get you

The program allows users to create tables, databases,
and project plans all in one place. Bases (their jargon for databases) can be shared
with other users or in a large group.

The program is versatile enough to plan a simple book
outline to an entire marketing plan for a brand. It’s designed with the user in mind, with many ways to
customize the bases and how you view the file. Files can be seen as a grid,
calendar, gallery, form, or cards on a pinboard. Each user can use their own
view, and data is updated seamlessly.

Google sheets, CVS files, and Excel files (beta) can
be imported and converted for use in Airtable. It can be further customized by
adding more apps to the initial program to create the software each unique user
needs for whatever project they are working on.

For new users, Airtable has great How-To instructions
as you go. Not to mention, on their help page, you can link to tons of videos,
articles, and even live training sessions (fees may apply).

There are even more options with the premium
membership if this is the right project planner for you. The free plan gives
users many options without having to pay for a monthly subscription.

spreadsheet and database. Prepare for a learning curve with this product. BUT
it can be a great investment in your books if you take the time to learn.




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