Blogger is an app and webpage that makes a blog in a
few steps. The format is simple and easy to understand. Users of all levels can
tap into this app and create a fantastic blog in just minutes.

a blog and why bother?

A blog is a weblog of information, posts, or entries publicly
displayed on the web. It’s
a diary, a journey, a review site, a discussion of your favorite TV show, a
photo journal. Basically, it’s anything and everything you need it to be.

Why blog? I’ll
get into this more on our third post. But basically, it’s an opportunity to
write about yourself or whatever you want. No editors, no holds barred. Blogs
allow authors to promote their brand, their thoughts, and their life five hundred
words at a time.

Blogger is a straightforward way to get that info,
promo, project idea out there. You can attach the blog to your Google account
(because they own it). Blogger is not platform sensitive. It’s also free. Need multiple
blogs? (I manage three at the moment, but only two active.) Users can have up
to 100 blogs on one Blogger account!

The number of posts per blog is unlimited (but if you
need more than fifty a day, you have to check-in). Posts can be as long as you
wish. But be aware you only get 1 MB of display on a page at a time, but pages
are unlimited. (Posts are time-stamped and dated entries. Pages are not dated
or stamped.) I like to keep my posts to one pic and 500 words if possible. It
gives me three posts displayed on my Main Page.

Pictures are limited to 250 KB each and are now
stored with Google. Users can have up to 15 GB of storage currently. (This may
not be current as Google Photos is changing.)

And there’s
a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS.

Blogger keeps track of your comments, views, and
allows you to tag your posts for better search engine optimization. You can
even monetize the blog. (I haven’t
tried that yet!)

Next week I’ll run through how to set up
a simple blog to get you started.





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