Book 24 Verity


Verity by Colleen Hoover fulfilled the
category “Book on my
TBR List with the Ugliest Cover” for the PopSugar 2021 Reading Challenge. What
a mean category! I hate shaming anyone for their covers. Some authors can’t
afford an expensive cover artist. This was an indie title, and the cover is
more disturbing/confusing than ugly. But I’m so glad I read it.

been a long time since I’ve been afraid to read something. Well, not so much
afraid… I felt serious trepidation about finishing the novel, all the good
shivers down my spine.


Take a bit of Jane Eyre, mix in some Rebecca,
and then sprinkle liberally with Gone Girl, and you will have Verity.

This story was amazing—well-written, suspenseful, and
heart-wrenching. What a ride!

Summary—Lowen Ashleigh, a mid-list author down on her
luck, is offered the job of her dreams. Bestselling author Verity Crawford cannot
finish her contracted series and needs a cowriter. What’s wrong with Verity? She’s a vegetable after a car accident,
and the whole thing is being hushed up to save book sales. Lowen comes to
Verity’s home to look through research and papers to find the needed data for
the next three books. She finds Verity’s autobiography instead. From there, the
narrative goes through twists and turns, love and tragedy, love and lies.

All I can say is Damn with a capital D.

hard to tell more without spoiling anything. DO NOT read any reviews or opinions
with details before reading the book. It’s like Gone Girl. Don’t read

I have seen some hateful reviews for the story
because of the ending. There was even one cursing the author for writing the
epilogue. My opinion is Ms. Hoover did a fantastic job and smacked us one more
time with her last few pages. The ending leaves more questions than it answers,
as it should.

This is not a light, romantic book with a happy
ending. It’s emotional,
real, and nail-biting. I like a tale that challenges the norm, puts genre on
its ear, and an author who writes what she needs to get a great story. I
applaud Ms. Hoover for this work of fiction. Be aware some of my favorite books
include Gone Girl and Watchmen. The right ending is not always
the happy one.

My advice: read Verity. Go with an open mind. Question
everything. Feel the feels and bite those nails.

I give Verity
by Colleen Hoover Five Autobiographical Manuscripts.



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