Book 25 Troubled Blood


Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith (aka JK
Rowling) fulfilled the category “Longest
Book on my TBR list” for the PopSugar 2021 Reading Challenge. Honestly, I have House
of Leaves
(700+ pages) on my list along with The Witching Hour
(1000+ pages). But I read Troubled Blood, and as it was long enough, I
opted to rant about it.

I have enjoyed the Cormoran Strike mysteries, despite
their author displaying a short-sightedness about Trans issues. The mysteries
are gritty and complex, with interesting characters and unrequited love.

Troubled Blood, though, had some issues.

heard rumors that some authors stop using developmental editors when they
become famous/rich enough. That means no one checks their stories for redundant
passages, empty plot lines, or long-drawn-out sequences that do not forward
plot. A mystery/suspense novel should always move forward. In these books,
character development takes a backseat to the action. Especially in the fifth
book of a series.

Troubled Blood is a cold case story. Detectives,
Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott, have one year to find out who killed Margot
Bamborough forty years ago, a daunting task to say the least. The 944-page
novel takes twelve months to solve the case. I’ve read the author’s children’s books where the story
covers the school year. Those stories also became too long at about book five. Troubled
could’ve been half the length if the author asked for a developmental

not to say I didn’t like the novel. I did. The mystery was interesting, though
drawn out. The characters are still compelling, though these detectives need to
stop dancing around their feelings for each other. I also want Cormoran to stop
being a drunk ass and take charge of his life. The book threw many personal
issues at Cormoran, stopping him from moving forward with his job and with
Robin. His aunt passes (which takes forever, sorry if I’m callous), and his
father wants to reconnect. Robin still wallows in the “I’m not good enough”
garbage for yet another book.

I don’t
know if it was the cold case that stopped me from loving the book. It lacked
the intrigue and gore of the other novels in the series. I’m a huge horror fan
and loved that our beloved Harry Potter author was breaking out the blood and
guts. Troubled Blood (despite its title) lacked the bloody mess of the
other four books. Also, there was a huge cast of characters for the mystery.
The entire staff of a doctor’s office was involved. With so many names and so
many pages in between their appearances, it was difficult to keep them
straight. Also—Spoiler—if Cormoran hadn’t conveniently forgotten something, the
mystery would’ve been solved in weeks, not months.


If you loved the other Cormoran Strike books, be
aware that this one moves more slowly, with less action and less horrific

I give Troubled
by Robert Galbraith Three Red Herrings.



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