Book 26 Cupid’s Charm


Cupid’s Charm by Katie O’Connor fulfilled the category “Book with a
Heart, Spade, Diamond, or Club on the Cover” for the PopSugar 2021 Reading
Challenge. You can see from the cover, there are hearts galore!

be honest. I met this author through Facebook and was impressed by her
kindness. Then I read her novel was equally impressed by her writing. I love
the quick-wit style, her choice of setting, and awesome cast of characters. After
I finished, I hoped for more books in the series.

One of the best elements of the novel is the setting.
It makes everything happen. The town’s name, Rapture, gives a big hint. The
town was founded on the concept of true love, and they embrace Valentine’s Day with a vengeance.
There are parties, festivals, dances, and more. The entire place is bathed in
hearts. When Olivia moves in, she’s a little put-off. Not that she hates love.
She was not looking for it on every surface of everything everywhere. Her
avoidance is hilarious.

Also, Rapture is in Canada. This is my first Canadian
romance, and I loved all the tidbits the author added to make me feel like I
was there. (Though living in Upstate NY, I can relate to that February
weather.) It might sound silly, but having the weather as a part of the story
made it more believable. It wasn’t
just winter activities. It was chasing the dog through the snow or freezing on
an evening out because you wore the wrong outfit.

Another thing I loved was the friends-to-lovers trope.
Our hero Max was taken with Olivia from the start, but she puts up the stop
sign fast. And he, being a true gentleman, respects her boundaries. Of course,
that doesn’t stop him
from cooking for her every chance he gets. Their friendship grows as the book
progresses until we readers are like “Olivia, go get him!” But the sweet way
they come together is heart-warming and wonderful. A slow-burn romance is
always a great way to spend the afternoon.

If all this hasn’t gotten you hooked, add in a Houdini dog, a small-town
setting complete with a perfect diner, and funny, fun escapades with townies
and our couple.

Personally, Olivia’s backstory spoke to me. I’m kind of an introvert, and
alone time is necessary and appreciated. Our girl is one of a dozen children. She
moves to Rapture not only for a new job but for space from her family. She
loves them but needs room to grow. After this pandemic, many of us feel that
need to be alone or spread our wings and fly away for a new adventure. I loved
her journey.

I give Cupid’s Charm by Katie O’Connor Five
Strings of Heart Lights for my balcony.



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