Book 28 A Dangerous Recipe for Love


A Dangerous Recipe for Love by J.M. Davies
fulfilled the category “Book
Published in 2021” for the PopSugar 2021 Reading Challenge. The novel came out
in May 2021. It’s the second book in the Sandy Bay Series. The third
installment comes out in August. Expect two more in the series before my novel
comes out in January. (Okay, enough self-promo. LOL)

This story takes place before and after the first
book. We finally find out about the father of Tessa’s baby, witness the birth, and all the angst and heart-crushing
complications of this doomed loved story. But since it’s a romance, we get our
happily-ever-after after so much handwringing. I’ve never worried so much about
a couple finding a way to get together. And I’ve read some crazy romances! But
with a first lieutenant in the mob and a humble baker from our Sunflower Farm,
I never thought Ms. Davies would get our kids together. Not only do we get the
happy, but we also have some wonderfully racy fun along the way.

Book One of the series, An Unexpected Christmas,
is a sweeter story of homecoming, second chance love, and soul searching. Book
Two was so different. The series is purposely testing out various heat levels in
the books to appeal to many readers. And Book Two is sensual, spicy, and
toe-tinglingly sexy. Tessa and Carter burn up the page. That heat is totally
part of their conflict. When it’s
always so hot, how can they have a genuine relationship? Especially when
important truths are being hidden. I love that the author wrote the stories the
characters needed in terms of heat level. I’m telling you, characters in my
books can be sweet, hot, or in between, sometimes in the same novel. But A
Dangerous Recipe for Love
kept me on the edge of my seat whether it was a
suspenseful or sexy scene.

Another point I loved about the novel was the
redemption element. Tessa is not a sympathetic character in Book One because
she does not care for that story’s
heroine. In Book Two, we see her point of view and why she behaves this way.
That’s why I love series! We form love/hate/anger/passion for characters and
then get to read their stories or witness them from another point of view. Ms.
Davies has promised at least one more in the series with the staff and friends
of Sunflower Farm. I hope there will be tons more.

I give A
Dangerous Recipe for Love
by J.M. Davies Five Hot Nights Out in Boston.

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