Book 32 Diary of an Oxygen Thief


Diary of an Oxygen Thief by Anonymous fulfills
the category “Book that
Was Published Anonymously” for the PopSugar 2021 Reading Challenge. Not only
was it published without a named author, the reader for the audiobook was also

Summation of my thoughts on this title: Ugh.

So, do I wish I had finished working through The
Bride Stripped Bare
for this prompt? No. Or grabbed the standard, Go Ask
? Probably. But this challenge is about getting out of my rut and/or
comfort zone. I read it. Here are my thoughts.

This novel was a diary of a man who’s lived a troubled life. Real
love has eluded him, and he tells us so from the start. He’s also a reformed
alcoholic. He also asks us to withhold judgment until he’s finished. The novel
begins by telling the reader how he used to be a jerk to women. The man
purposely got women to fall for him, then dumped them. He has a whole system
for doing it and leaves a trail of broken hearts and then revels in it. He’s an
ass. He’s writing the tale to tell how he got his comeuppance from someone who
got him back. As the diary progresses, we witness a young woman who not only
takes him down but humiliates him and trashes his heart and mind. He needs to publish
his story before her book, with the humiliating photos of him, comes out.

the perfect example of toxic masculinity. There is nothing redeemable about the
author. He’s an unapologetic alcoholic and uses people. Faking his way through
everyday life, he gets people to like him, only to screw everyone. He uses
women purposely to humiliate and hurt them. What kind of person does that? A
white privileged male, that’s who. He is hurt, so he hurts others. Boohoo. Poor

This book reminded me of American Psycho. You
follow along, not believing that this story “actually happened.” In American Psycho, we are still
not sure in the end. Diary of an Oxygen Thief, where doubt is irrelevant,
left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

The woman who screws him over has no redeemable qualities,
either. She uses her contacts, money, and photography skills to abuse others.
She’s no better than him.
The whole thing is a pile of trash the author has sorted out into nice, little
story chunks. At least we can attribute his early behavior to his drinking.
When he sobers, he’s more tolerable as a human. And the woman is just as
narcissistic and toxic. They would have been perfect for each other.

The title speaks to his low self-esteem. Honestly, it’s accurate. I hated him,
hated the woman, but I didn’t hate the book. I could not stop reading. I
listened, shaking my head, wondering if the world is full of people like this.
(Again, it took me back to American Psycho, another gnarly novel I had
to finish.)

I give Diary
of An Oxygen Thief
by Anonymous Four Brutal Winters in an Old Victorian.




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