Book 40 House


House by Frank E. Peretti and Ted Dekker
fulfills the category “Book
with the Same Title as a Movie or TV show but is unrelated to it” for the
PopSugar 2020 Reading Challenge. The novel is a haunted house adventure while
the TV show is a fanfic of Sherlock Holmes and very awesome.

October, and there are five Fridays this month. I saved all my horror stories
(well, most of them) for Halloween season. I thought I should warn you ahead of
time that it will be five scary books for October. After House, I plan
to do A Clockwork Orange, The Screaming Staircase, Frankenstein,
and If It Bleeds. I love a good fright!

House starts with a married couple lost on a
back road in Alabama. A police officer directs them to a better route. They
follow it, but their tires are sabotaged, and they discover an old Bed and
Breakfast in the middle of nowhere. Typical horror set up. Lost, alone, ending
up Frank N. Furter’s place…wait,
that was a movie. Anyway… Once in the old Victorian house, we meet the weird
homeowners and another lost couple. The tropes are strong. We feel scared and
insecure, and a little trepidatious. But once the players are set, House
takes another tack on horror stories.

The home is attacked by a mad man who insists one
person must kill another for everyone to live. And the chaos ensues. As the
book progresses, hope fades, the house gets weirder and new, seemingly innocent
characters are introduced. I could see this as a movie. The twists and turns
are predictable, but at the same time, not. We expect a certain outcome and are
shocked when the story does a reverse.

I love a haunted house story. There’s something about having the
place where you should feel the safest be dangerous. And I especially love it
when the house has a mind of its own. The Haunting of Hill House is one
of my favorites as a story. The movie/TV spin offs of the tale are even better.
The weird, 1999 movie, the recent TV adaptation and the best of them all, Rose
by Stephen King. I love that miniseries. Talk about a great haunted
house! King pulled in all of Shirley Jackson’s elements, added the Winchester
House, and a bit of Salem’s Lot. If you haven’t seen it, go get it now.

Why was House scary? It didn’t quite hit Rose Red
standards. It was a fun run through the chaotic maze of a basement where you
weren’t sure what was real. The feelings of loss and confusion were
overwhelming. Who could we trust? Not even our protagonists! And we were lost…in
a house…how does that happen? We had no one to root for, except that seemingly
innocent…oops, spoiler.

Anyway, I’m
glad I picked the novel for this prompt.

I give House
by Frank E. Peretti and Ted Dekker Four Mystery Basement Rooms.



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