Canva: Graphc Generator

     Canva is a web-based app for creating graphics. The site
also has a downloadable version for both Mac and Android devices which syncs
with the online version. It has both a free element and a premium status with a
monthly charge. The paid setting gives the user more access and license with
photos and fonts.
     But let’s
talk about the free stuff.
     Remember back in the day when you wanted to make a nice
banner for a friend for their birthday? We, computer geeks, got out Print Shop
and made all sorts of clunky, bit graphics to color in. Canva is like Print
Shop—easy, accessible, and fun. But the graphics are way better.
     Canva allows users access to dozens of templates for
useful graphics, like Facebook posts, Instagram graphics, Twitter headers, book
covers, business cards, banners, and more. The interface is super easy and much
less intimidating than PhotoShop. Users can create just about any graphic
needed for marketing, promo, and social media.
     The great thing about Canva is even the most reluctant
user can browse through the templates to create wonderful graphics with a few
clicks. Graphics can be downloaded in various forms (PNG, JPG, PDF). They even
have a beta version for video and GIFs. Images can be sent directly to social
media as well. 
     I recommend any author give Canva
a go for marketing and social media material. The end products look
professional and appealing.


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