Daybook Journal

talk about productivity and accountability.

discussed many apps that will help you write, organize, and market. But what
about an overall picture of how you are progressing with your writing? I
realize not all writers are in this to make money, have huge word counts, or to
publish. But it’s always good to check in with yourself about your career,
dream, hobby—whatever writing is to you.

I introduced Google
with my first blog post—still my favorite app and later wrote about Focus
. These are great for making those To-Do lists and remembering your
finished items. (A huge bonus for me. Did I do that? Do what? Checks Keep.)
It’s very useful and handy,
but they don’t chronicle your activities. (Focus is better for that actually,

I came across Daybook a few months ago when I was
feeling unproductive and discouraged about writing. To be honest, I’m a list checker and an
organizer. I like to get things done and fast. Unfortunately, the publishing industry
doesn’t work that way. I had four books I want out in the world, but they need
polish, rewrites, critique, and much TLC (not to mention covers, blurbs, and
ads). And COVID quarantine was getting to me. I was not leaving the house, not
hitting the gym, not enjoying any kid-free time. So I asked Google Play, “Do you
have anything that will let me log my accomplishment?” Google said try this.

Daybook is a diary, a journal, and a datebook with a
simple interface. It tracks entries on a small calendar. You can store both
information and pictures. With the premium features, you can add and use
templates and even track moods. You can enter multiple entries each day.
Daybook also has a print option that connects to your printer or saves the file
as a PDF.

This app is only
available for Android phones at the moment. It has a web interface to link with
Google, or Facebook, or use a personal log on. The data is backed up by cloud
and protected if you put personal information on there. Daybook is similar to
other journaling apps out there. Unfortunately, I still do not own an i-device
to sample Apple programs. Hopefully, the idea of using Daybook to record
thoughts will help Apple users find a compatible program.


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