DIY Book Cover Graphics 3D Mockups

A free tool From
DIY Book Covers  (
One of my fellow
writers showed me this website. It’s been wonderful for making mockup graphics
for my website, social media banners, and ads. It’s a super easy process.

Pick either single or composite picture. 

Hit Next.
Upload your cover from your computer. Click the
Browse button and select the file from whatever folder you have stored your
pictures in. Hit upload. (Some mockups require a spine picture too.) If the
image you chose does not work (blurry or something, just hit Browse again and
pick a new image.)
Download the image by selecting PNG or JPG. The
image will download. You will not get a preview before the download.
Click to open at the bottom of the screen (for
PC) or find it in your Download folder. If you don’t like it, start again!

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