Headspace, created and developed by Andy Puddicombe
and Rich Pierson, is an app to teach meditation and mindfulness. The goal of
the creators is to help everyday people find health and happiness.

Why choose this app now when the world is getting
over the pandemic? We’ve
all spent a year dealing with the stress and tension of the virus. Some have
thrived. Others have not. I opted for a medication app at the year mark because
change is coming. With the world “returning to normal,” we all will need to
change our routines again. No more sitting around in my yoga pants all day.
Back to taxiing kids, running errands, and seeing people. I’m not a complete introvert,
but being around people again will be a challenge for me. I think the world is
going to get very busy, very soon. A medication skill might be useful in light
of the recent changes.

Hence the choice of Headspace. Check it out.

Inside the app, users will find different types of
medication and mindfulness exercises. These are short audios or videos that
guide users through a variety of relaxation and reflective activities. There
are health articles, celebrity commentaries, exercise guides, sleep assistance,
and stress reducers. The courses and exercises are easy to follow with a choice
of speakers for some. The app tracks progress through courses chosen. There is
also an everyday meditation to follow. Most are 3-5 minutes while the relaxation
and focus exercises/courses are longer. The range of options and ease of use
make the app versatile for different users.

The app with
works on most mobile devices (iOS and Android) and several browsers including
Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Headspace is subscription-based. A yearly contract
will cost $70 a year ($5.83 a month) or a monthly fee of $13 a month. Each plan
has a free period, but you must subscribe to get the free trial. (I rarely
suggest apps that require payment unless they are specifically designed for
writers like Scrivener and Aeon Timeline.) For Headspace, the yearly plan has
14 days free and the monthly, 7 days. There are also options for businesses to
purchase a subscription for employees at a group discount.




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