How to Use Aeon Timeline


How to Use Aeon
To begin, get
familiar with Aeon Timeline’s vocabulary.
locations, story arcs, projects, etc. associated with events
occurrence on the timeline
connection between an Entity and an Event
set of entities based on their relationship
Aeon Timeline allows
a user to jump in right away in creating a project. No pre-planning necessary,
as the program can change and adapt elements as the project changes.
The following
directions are for writing a fiction novel, novella, or short story.
Starting a project
  • Select a Template.
  • Click Choose or
    Customize. Each template had unique entities and options.
  • The blank screen
    will appear with dates across the top and bottom. Scroll to your time period.
I recommend adding
Characters (Entities) before Events. In the long run, it saves time. Characters
are easy to drop into events.
  • Click on the Add
    Entity icon (a head with a plus sign and down arrow).
  • Add Character.
  • In the new
    window, add a name and birthdate for the character. (And death date if you have
  • Follow the above
    steps to add each character. 


Story Arcs
  • Click on the Add
    Entity and choose Add Arc.
  • Add in story arcs
    to track events. (His internal conflict, her external conflict, etc.)
  • Click on Add
    Entity and choose Add Place.
  • Type the name of setting
    locations for events. These can be added as details for events. 


Adding Events.
  • Double-click on
    the date of the Event.
  • In the pop-up window,
    title the Event.
  • Choose a color for
    the Event to link it to other Events.
  • Select a time
    frame for the Event.
  • Click on the
    small green plus sign to add Participants in the Event (characters).
  • Click on the
    small green plus sign to add Observers to the Event.
  • Follow the same
    steps to add locations and Arc information.
Editing Events
  • Click on the
    Event. On the right-hand side of the screen, details of the Event will appear.
Range: Add a duration time for the Event. (Days,
hours, seconds)
Values: Add a summary to the Event.
Roles: Manage character (Entity) roles in the
Links: Add external links to research, images,
Other ways to
Edit/View Events
  • Click on Event
    and drag to a new start time.
  • Press Alt on the
    keyboard and click and drag the Event to change the end duration.
  • Click on the Zoom
    at the top of the page. Drag the slide to move on the timeline.
  • Use the bottom
    slider to move up and down the timeline.


  • Click the
    Settings icon on the left side of the page.
Range—Choose the type of date and length of zoom.
Properties—Adjust tension, completion and
summary fields. Click the green plus to add more fields.
Entity Types—Adjust fields/icons for characters,
arcs, and locations. Add more with the green plus.
Colors—Add labels to colors. Double-click on
color for more choices.
All changes can
be saved as a custom template by clicking the button at the bottom of the
instructions will get a project started. Aeon Timeline is a powerful and
sophisticated program. The more you use it, the more you will learn. Watch the
tutorial videos on their website (link). They are easy to follow and infinitely

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