How to Use Daybook


The phone app is only available for Android. But with
the web version, both Apple and PC users
can access the program using Chrome or Firefox.

Create an account

It’s probably easiest to use your Gmail to create a new
account with Daybook. Just sign in. (Facebook and a personal password are also

The start screen has three main options:

  • Home—displays the most recent entries with the date
    and time the data was entered. It also has a big pink circle with a plus sign.
  • Calendar—displays the current month with days of the
    week Sunday to Saturday. Today’s
    date will be in a gray circle. Any entries during the month have a circle
    around the number.
  • More—options for Premium features, Settings,
    Connection to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Daybook Web, Feedback, and

 New Entries

  1. Click on the pink circle to add a new entry. The
    program automatically stamps the time and date. 
  2. Type. 
  3. Or click the microphone to dictate your entry.
    Entries can be up to 6000 characters (so approximately 1100-1300 words). You
    might not write a novel on it, but a quick scene might fit.

Add pictures

  1. Click on the camera icon at the top of
    the Entry screen. 
  2. Choose either Gallery or Camera. Add photos or snap some to
    record the event, memory, mood. Gallery mode works similar to other apps by
    opening your photo storage (phone version) with the most recent pic first. With
    the camera, snap a shot as you normally would. 
  3. Press the checkmark in the
    center of the bottom of the screen when you have the pic you want. Once you
    select an image using either method, the app returns you to the camera icon
    screen. The picture will be listed under the gallery and camera buttons. 
  4. Press
    the red X on any you do not want on your entry. 
  5. Press OK when finished. The
    pictures will appear at the top of the page. You can add up to five with a
    regular account, ten with premium.
  6. Once you are finished with your entry, click the
    green checkmark at the top left. The app will return to the calendar.

Hmm, so only 5 pictures and 1200 words? Sounds a
little limited. NO! You can make multiple entries for any day with no limit. Maybe
that novel will fit on Daybook!


At the top of the Home page, a small
magnifying glass opens the search menu. Type in the text you are looking for,
and the app will scan all entries to find the text. (Wonderful for those of us
with short memories—What day did I write that thing about the elephant?)

More Menu Settings

  • Daybook allows users to add a
    security code to the app. In case you are entering personal or private data, it
    can be secured. You can have the program remind you to add to Daybook with
  • Without premium, color schemes are green, pink, black,
    and night mode, but there are six fonts and five text sizes to choose from.
  • You can also change the time format to a twenty-four-hour

Download data 

All data on the app can be downloaded.
I’m using Gmail so the
app sends the data to my Gmail account in a CSV format. I haven’t gotten it to
work just yet, and the web-based does not have it available at this time.

Other Options with a Premium Account

  • More color themes
  • Templates
  • Word Analysis
  • Connection to Google Assistant and Alexa

Special thanks to the Help Desk at Daybook. They
answered my email questions in about five minutes. Go team!






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