Ideas for Authors: Blogger


My first big idea for Blogger is to create your own
blog. (LOL. Please don’t
smack me.) Blogs can be an awesome way to reach fans, connect with other
authors, and eventually sell those books.

Here are some suggestions for your personal blog:

  • Write your story, make it autobiographical with tons
    of pictures about your life and writing. Fans love this.
  • Write about your other passions. Love photography,
    embroidery, motorcycle treks? Blog that journey. Fans love this.
  • Focus on your books. Have a series or a common
    setting? Make the blog something like “My Fictional Town Chronicles,” and write bits about the
    town, characters, etc. Add as much detail as you want—extra short stories,
    character interviews, town maps. Fans love this too.
  • Review other books. I do a reading challenge every
    year. I’ve been
    blogging my choices for two years now. It’s a fun way to connect with others.
    This year I’m doing the PopSugar Challenge again, but I plan to focus on
    romance books. Readers seem to like them the best.
    A note on this one: Take care of others as you write
    your post, and only tag authors who give you permission to do so. A bad review
    with the author’s name
    can be hurtful. If I have a book I really dislike, I don’t blog it.
  • Highlight your other skills. You’re a writer, and you’re fab
    at that. What else are you good at? Cooking, computers, sewing, gardening,
    machine maintenance? Create a blog to spotlight your skill and teach others a
    thing or two. A recipe exchange is always popular. I have a blog about computer
    apps. (Oh, wait. You know that if you’re reading this.) In my earlier
    incarnation, I was a computer teacher for an elementary school. I taught
    teachers and kids how to use technology and the internet. That skill is now
    this blog. It makes me feel like I’m helping others and might get me a speaking
    gig someday. Show off what you know. Sing your praises on a blog.

My second idea for blogging is to create a group
blog. (Shocking, right? LOL) Team up with other authors and take turns blogging
about your books, a theme, or whatever. Then it’s not such a burden to blog all the time. (I go twice a
week. It’s worked during Covid, but who knows what 2021 will be like.) There
are writers that use their Facebook group page with a blog. The admins take
turns writing and posting on both the blog and on Facebook.

You could team up with writers from the same press,
from your writing group, or from a group that writes similar types of
stories—an MC blog, or an Inspirational one. And by teaming up, your fans and
their fans all see the posts. Which could end up with some sales.

My last two cents about blogs: As a writer, you need
to develop your brand. Be sure your blog matches your brand. (That’s why I’m changing my book
challenge to include more romance.) Be professional, be kind, and be brief.
Most readers don’t have time for long posts. I try to keep mine to about 500
words. I’ve had some at 1000, but those are usually how-to or a big rant.
Honestly, I grabbed that 500 number from The Cat Who books when the
reporter talked about editorial articles were. It works here, too.

The blog is yours
to play with. Make it totally you, your books, and your brand. Readers will


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