Ideas for Daybook and Authors


Daily self-care

quote The Little Mermaid, “The human world is a mess.” I don’t know how you are
faring in this new normal with lockdowns, quarantine, and a second wave of the
virus looming, but we all need some self-care. Daybook is first and foremost a
journal. Daily journaling is a fantastic method for dealing with stress,
depression, and anxiety. Most of us have these in spades. Taking the time to
write every day can be refreshing. And there are a ton of things to write. You
don’t just have to chronicle the day. Here are some ideas for topics for your
Daybook entries:

  • Rants—Get those negative emotions out and free your
    head and heart. It could be a single curse word in caps. Not that I’ve ever
    done that.
  • Reminders—Just a self-check to keep you on task.
    Remind yourself to breathe or eat ice cream or even do a task.
  • A list of the day’s accomplishments—I do this almost every day. I’m task-oriented,
    so looking back on the day to see I actually did something makes me feel good.
  • Happy Thoughts—jot down something good from the day, anything
    that made you smile. Post a meme or a pic, or a feeling.

All these are great to review to help you deal with
the stress of life. Take time for yourself to record the good and the bad and
maybe a few cat pics.


Daybook is a great way to keep track of goals. By
making entries on each day, you can see the progress you make toward any goal
on your list. Just seeing the calendar with circles on the day makes me happy!
Since you can plan ahead with Daybook, add an end goal in the future and work
each day toward it. Add checklists, midpoint progress, etc. until you reach the
end. This also works with deadlines for editors, publishers, or your own pub
goals. Track your words per day and have a NaNoWriMo every month. (Or not
because that sounds terrifying…)

 Tracking and Planning Marketing

As an author, we wear many hats. I’ve recently become a hybrid
author and released two Indie books this fall. I also help admin a romance
Facebook page which is very active. And then there are my own social media
accounts and being on the board of a romance writer group. It can be exhausting
remembering to do all the things.

With Daybook’s ability to schedule ahead and add photos, tracking ad
posts can be easy. Either put the pic of the ad in ahead of time or the day you
post it. (I tend to forget what pic I put up when and on what account.) Since
you can have as many posts on a day as needed, you can add an entry for each
social media account with the picture used. For example, when not pushing my
new book, which you can get here (sorry,
had to), I like to post a meme about writing on my author page, and a fandom
meme on my personal one. I also have to post on my FB group (yes,
another gratuitous link) each day with a separate them. No one wants a repeat!


Daybook will hold 6k per entry with as many entries
as you need. It can do speech to text. So write that book! Use the app as your
notebook or while driving (hands-free) and get the book on the computer.

These are just a few suggestions beyond the usual
planner book. Daybook can be so much more if you are creative about how to use

Happy Journaling!



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