Mailchimp is a versatile marketing system website. It
continues to grow and change in this unusual market. I might not have all the
boxes checked on the latest services for this powerful service. But I’ll give you a good overview.

it’s not the only marketing service available. Other authors swear by Constant
Contact or MailerLite among the competitors for your mailing needs. I’m still
using Mailchimp and will share how easy the program is for simple newsletters
with small mailing lists.

Mailchimp offers many opts under the wide umbrella of
mailing service. Authors store customer lists, create and publish marketing
mailings including newsletters, and create a website.

Authors usually come to Mailchimp to publish that elusive
newsletter we all need. The service will also assist with mass mailings of all
sorts of marketing materials you can create on their site. It also now can help
small businesses create websites and assist with materials for marketing
campaigns. Through the service, businesses can manage their audience, create
ads, and automate marketing (reach out to customers).

The website also provides essential feedback on the
marketing campaigns created. Users can sort through statistics such as views,
clicks, and purchases. Audiences can be customized to hit the best customers
for the product.

Setting up is relatively easy, and management takes a
few clicks. Users can add links to their mailing list from other apps such as
Twitter and Facebook.

Accounts are free
to start with less than 2000 contacts on a mailing list. Prices from there
range from $10 a month for 500 contacts with 24/7 support. The next cost level is
$15 a month for 500 contacts and specialized digital tools for larger
businesses. Last, the pricing tops out at $300 a month for 10,000 contacts and a
comprehensive service report.



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