been looking at some complicated programs so far in 2021. For the next set, I’m
taking a step back to an oldie but a goodie, OneNote by Microsoft.

OneNote is (now) a cloud-based filing system.
Depending on which Office suite you own, you will have slightly different
versions of the app. The older version does not use cloud-technology. Don’t have Office? No, problem.
OneNote can standalone and still be just as powerful.

The app is designed for taking notes, saving data,
and organizing information. Essentially, OneNote is a filing cabinet full of
folders and drawers to keep your projects organized. It can be used as a
notebook, drawing pad, or even whiteboard. Multiple users can access OneNote
for project sharing.

Many users find it’s perfect for a story bible because of its structure. If
you are using Office, OneNote files attach to Word documents. Word even has a shortcut
button for it on the Home menu. But OneNote can also be used standalone if you
do not use Word for drafting.

This app is free
and can be used on mobile or a desktop/laptop for Mac and PC. It will sync
automatically to all your devices. Free note-taking with the power of Microsoft
behind it.

Win, win.



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