Scapple: Graphic Organizer

Scapple is an easy to use graphic organizer, flow
chart maker. It is brought to you by Literature and Latte, the same developer
as Scrivener.
The program will throw you back to your elementary
school days when the teacher asked you to brainstorm an idea or map a story. It’s the same thing, but for grown-ups.
(Well, I guess kids could use this too, but I digress.)
allows users to create a series of boxes with ideas, thoughts, and sentences inside,
then connect them through groupings and lines. The program is basic, just
enough bells and whistles to create what you need. But no distractions, no
shiny bits, and a ton of utility.
Scapple works for plotters, pantsers, and plantsers.
Because you begin with a blank page, you can create as much or as little
structure as you wish. Throw shapes and different borders across the page, or
detail a highly complex outline in neatly stacked boxes, or anything in between.
It also works with Scrivener, allowing you to drag
notes from one program to the other.
From Literature
and Latte
, the software is available for both PC and Mac (no mobile
version). It has a 30-day-use free full-version trial.
  1. So, the program only counts the days you actually
    use it and
  2.  You get to use the real program. If you buy, the
    cost is a mere $18.


Scapple in intuitive,
easy, and fun. A great addition to any writer’s toolbox.

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