Scrivener is a word processing program created by Keith
Blount, developed by Literature &
. It was created with writers in mind. Whether you are working on a screenplay,
poetry, or the great American novel, Scrivener will work for you. The program
is diverse, and the support is phenomenal.

Scrivener is designed for the writer. It includes a variety of elements that
will help the user create any writing project. It has templates for Fiction,
Nonfiction, Script-writing, and more. Each template includes the structure of
the project. (You can always choose Blank, and go on your own, too.) The file
system is structured like a binder, allowing users to organize their work. For
example, a fiction template will include a guide to novel structure and
directions on how to use the program. It creates a list of items to include in
a novel, such as Front Matter, character templates, and setting sketches.
Nonfiction includes items such as Contents and Research. The file system is a
straightforward way to organize work and see the entire novel in one glance.

I won’t
lie to you. Scrivener has a bit of a learning curve. But it also is a powerful
tool to create your novel, movie script, research paper. It has dozens of
templates on the forums at Literature & Latte. And you can’t beat Scrivener’s
support team when you are stuck. Not to mention the tutorial vids are

The program is available for both Apple and PC with a
mobile version for IOS products only. (We Android users are still waiting.) The
cost is $49 for the computer-based product, and the mobile is $19 for IOS. If
you participate in National Write A Novel Month, discounts on the product are a
frequent prize for winning.




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