Updates and Feedback

I hope you’re finding some useful tips in my Apps for
Writers Blog. I love writing it and interacting with everyone. We’ve had a great run so far.
Your feedback has been wonderful. Thank you!
I’m not ending it, just switching up a bit.
FYI, technology is defeating me. (Not a good thing to
say for an app blog. LOL) My
Blogger Importer on Word Press is being troublesome. Basically, I need to move
the blog entirely to my Word Press website. No real change for you to view it,
but a slightly different format.
I’m going back to the multiple post system for one app. For the next few
months, I’ll be sharing apps such as Forest, Word Press, the NaNoWriMo system,
and a few others. I’d rather not discuss widely used programs, but if you are
interested, I’ll include them. A few blog entries about Scrivener won’t hurt
anyone, right? Also, there are ones I haven’t discussed because they are
similar to others. I’ve done Trello, but would you want to hear about Airtable?
We’ve gone over Keep, but what about Microsoft To-do?
Currently, I can’t do Apple-only items. There are no Macs in my house,
except for one iPhone with a shattered screen. I hoping for a MacBook Air for
Christmas. Those apps will have to wait until next year.
I need your input! I’m willing to invest if you need help with them. In the
comments, please post apps you’d like to learn about. I’ll do my best to create
some how-tos for them.
Speaking of learning, I’m a teacher. I can teach any of the apps I’ve
posted to your writer groups. I’ve been teaching computer programs since 1996
(scary but true). Email me through my blog or website www.ginnyfrost.com to get in touch about
zoom classes for your group.
so much for your support!
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