Vellum for Authors


Again, I’d
like to say a huge thank you to guest blogger, Stacey Osvett, for giving us the
fantastic post on how to use Vellum. We had more reads on the post than other
this year. You rock, Stacey!

So, how do authors use Vellum? It’s simple. Just format your
books. Vellum gives authors a straightforward way to create digital versions of
their books. No worries about weird edit marks or random spacing. Anyone can go
Indie with Vellum in their tool belt. The program also offers a way for authors
to be creative with their chapter starts, section breaks, and more. Vellum
books look very professional and polished, adding to your brand and showing the
world you are a serious writer.

easy to create books for different sellers and link them inside the book. Vellum
will format print books without the guesswork or using something like Amazon’s
publishing app. Need to make a box set? No problem. They have a new format,
PDF/X-1a that works with IngramSpark to create a formatted product that uploads

What else can you do with Vellum? Perhaps you can use
it for your blog, creating a more interesting style for your posts. Then it’s easy enough to publish
your blog as a book, adding to your brand and selling your amazing writing. Or
finally put together that pile of short stories. With the ominous task of formatting
off the plate, authors can create professional books with little effort.

Again, Vellum is
only available for Mac. The cost is $200 for unlimited eBooks and $250 for
unlimited eBooks and paperbacks.


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