Vellum by 180g is a book-formatting application. The
app can format text for a variety of booksellers, including Apple books,
Kindle, Kobo, and more. It is only available for Mac/Apple computers.

I personally do not have the program or a Mac. (Hint,
hint, Hubby.) Considering my lack of technology, I invited Stacey Osvett to be a guest blogger.
She has kindly penned our How-To next week.

Rumors around my water cooler hint if you are an Indie
author, this is the program to use. Vellum has seamless, easy formatting tools.
Users can create margins, headers, and page numbers with a snap. It allows
authors to add flourishes such as drop-caps and interesting section break
graphics. The program has a preview feature to show the user what the book will
look like in various formats.

Cost can be an issue. Since the software is only
available on one platform, you must have a Mac to use it. For creating only
eBooks, the cost is
$200. For creating paperbacks as well as eBooks, it’s $250. But the good news
is it’s a lifetime purchase, not a subscription.

Download Vellum and try the app for free. The trial
does not allow you to generate files for publishing. This can give you time to
decide if it’s for you.
Also, there’s a thirty-day money-back guarantee after purchase. You can use the
license on two computers, but it may only work on one machine at a time. You
can purchase through the free download or through their store.

I know authors
who swear by it. Next week, check out Stacey’s explanation of how to use the app.


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