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  Word Press is a platform for creating web pages. I’ll be honest from the start.
I’m not an expert on the program. The few classes I’ve taken and books I’ve
read have helped me understand the basics. The posts for this app will be for
beginners just starting out with web pages. (Psst, if you are a Word Press pro
and want a spot on my blog to give us more great info, hit me up.)


Word Press allows you to build a website in a few
easy steps. Anyone can do it. And because Word Press will host your site (keep
your data on their servers and allow people to access it), you can be on the
Internet in minutes. How complex or simple the site is depends on your
abilities and needs. Many simply use Word Press to create a single page blog.
The program is very powerful, and sites can grow and become layered and complex
using widgets, plug-ins, and old-fashioned HTML coding.

But we’ll
stick with the simple

As mentioned, Word Press can host your site. There
are a few pricing options to upgrade the site. Or if you chose another host,
you can use the program just to make your site. Be aware if you use the free
option, the words word press will be in your URL address.

Free is option one. Next, the Personal option is $4 a
month for email and a custom domain name. With the Premium plan, $8 a month
will add more advanced design tools and Google Analytics. For $25 a month, the
Business plan gives access to special plug-ins to customize your site to sell
things. Lastly, there is the $45 eCommerce plan with even more business options
to run a large complex business.

used the free option for about eight years now. 
I host my site with another company but find Word Press a great and easy
way to get my name and books out on the Internet.







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