Aeon Timeline: Project Manager

Aeon Timeline is a visual, project management program that creates detailed timelines. It began as an idea for writers to have a more substantial timeline software but has expanded with templates for everyday use, such as legal, financial, and project planning. It can even be used as a day calendar.
In general, the program can create elaborate timelines for any event. From legal to financial to noveling, the software has a wide variety of options to chart the span of any project or event. It contains an almost infinite calendar than can span hours, years, or millennia. Or a custom calendar can be created for a fantasy or sci-fi world.
For a writer, story events can be added to the timeline with a span of their occurrence. Characters and settings can be added to plot points for more detail. Story arcs can be added to events, as well. The program then allows the user to sort the data by character, place, or arc.
Aeon Timeline is available for PC, iOS, and Mac. The price is $50. It can be downloaded for a free 20-day trial with the full program. There is no Android app. The license allows installation on up to five machines with a single user. As it is not cloud bases, data can be shared between devices with apps such as Dropbox.
The website has wonderful tutorials to show how to use Aeon Timeline right away. The program has a learning curve for the program, but like Scrivener, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.
If you are working with a complicated timeline, long series, or perhaps time travel, Aeon Timeline is very helpful in sorting out all the details.

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