An Interlude

Hey all. So I’m looking at my list of blog posts—those that I’ve written and the list of To-do. At this point, I should mention that I’m a very eclectic reader. VERY. In the past, I’ve stuck to one genre for years before tumbling into another and getting stuck there. Lately, I’ve been trying to read widely. I believe it makes me a more well-rounded person and author. And if you check out my List Challenge, you will see all the books I eventually put up for the blog. A really mixed bag.
My first three posts were Chick Lit, Classic Children’s Lit and then a YA. Coming up, I have a funny sci-fi, kid’s mythology, and then a traditional mystery. I really hope I don’t give you all whiplash with this lineup. I’ve read more, beyond what’s on my list here. I love a cozy mystery, a horror, or just about any kind of romance. So in the interest of forewarning, I’ll throw up, I mean, I’ll post a list of upcoming titles each month.
Since I am following the categories from the PopSugar challenge, I’m sure you all will be forgiving. I’m hoping to keep the reviews positive, even if I read a sinker. (Which I did and will blog later…much later.) As I said in my Red Queen post, I believe all books have merit, all writing is worth the time and effort to create it. But I also believe that chasing trends, stealing plot lines, and sketchy premises are not the way to entertain readers. Authors need to write the books of their hearts. I get that. That’s why I’m writing Romance (much to most of my family’s chagrin.) But an author must also be plausible—even in a fantasy book, be consistent, and write the best book they can. Not the fastest or the best-selling. End of sermon. Hope you enjoy my next batch!

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