April Books Preview

Hey all. Double post so that I can get this silly info posts over with.
I totally over-read in January, February, and March. I’m still posting blogs for books I read back then. (Because I’m a slacker and keep forgetting to put up the blog posts. Hey, I’m new. LOL.)  
This month I’ll be reviewing All Systems Red by Martha Wells, The Dark Prophesy: The Trials of Apollo Book 2 by Rick Riordan (bc I love him), Still Life by Louise Penny, and Planet of the Damned by Harry Harrison.
I always love a Rick Riordan so I’m super hopeful about the Apollo book. I’ll probably hit that one on audio. I’ve heard all the buzz about Louise Penny and I’m excited to start her series. But then again, do I need another series to get lost in? I love a mystery though. I’m not sure about the Harrison book. My hubby is a huge Sci-Fi fan and I found this gem tucked away in a bookshelf. It’s short so…And then there’s Lost in Austen. A Choose Your Own Adventure Jane Austen book. Could life be any better? I don’t think so. I might skip and read that one first. Lastly, I’m jumping on the very old bandwagon of The Girl Who (like The Cat Who but very, very different). I read the first one and felt that the three storylines didn’t blend. Maybe book two will be better. I do love the writing.
Anyway, see you all next week for more books!

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