Book 1 New Attitude by Kathyrn R. Biel

I had the divine pleasure of reading New
by Kathryn R. Biel recently. This book fulfilled the “Book I Mean to Read Last
Year” challenge for PopSugar. (Sorry, Kathryn.) I’ve read several of her books
previously so I’m totally biased. My favorite of Kathryn’s books tie between Live
for This
and Made for Me. That said, I loved New Attitude.
The novel is the second in the series, A New Beginning. The story follows Kira’s journey after being on a reality TV show and oh, her husband left her while she was gone.
What I liked best about Kira is she’s an everyday woman. A real mom concerned
with living her life right, keeping her weight down, and dealing with a
troubling situation (total abandonment by her spouse—jerk). She’s a victim
here, dealing with loss (the show) and loss (her ex-husband). All she wants to
do is raise her daughter right and maybe just maybe have something for herself.
I loved watching her struggle. (Wait! That doesn’t sound right…) I felt for her in every step of her journey towards a new life. Finding that new attitude ain’t easy. And Kathryn Biel illustrates the journey from failure to success beautifully.

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