Book 2 Anne of Green Gables

Hey everybody.
My second book for the pop sugar challenge was Anne of
Green Gables. It filled the “Book
that Makes Me Feel Nostalgic” challenge. I can’t believe I never read the book
before. I’ve noticed it on a dozen challenge lists. Not to mention, all my childhood
friends read it in elementary school. I have no idea how I missed out on the
It was adorable. Anne reminded me so much of my youngest
daughter. We call her the Narrator. I listened to the book on audio and thought
the reader nailed Anne’s
way of speaking in long complex paragraphs.
I love Anne’s spirit and ability to love. Her rivalry with
classmate Gilbert Blythe had me rolling with laughter. I could just see my
oldest daughter, Ms. Stubborn herself, vying with a cute boy in such a way.
The book reminded me of Jane
Eyre, a lifelong story of an interesting woman, her growth and change. Modern
tales no longer include these life span stories. I wonder if we are missing out
of some great tales due to starting with action. It’s sad a book such as this would not be published today. Or
rather would be edited to fit the modern view.

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