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First App, favorite App
not gonna lie. Google Keep is my favorite app. I tell everyone about it.
a nuisance.
I decided to do Keep first to get the annoying over
with. But be warned, I will probably mention it again and again in the blog.
Google Keep is a notecard app. It’s part of the Google Suite.
If you have Gmail, you have Keep. (Click on that 9 square grid. It’s there.
I’ll wait. Oh, yeah, scroll down a few.)
The app is a basic note keeper. On screen, it looks
like a series of boxes with data in each one. (Mine looks like a mind field of
wonderfully colored squares.) In other words, it’s a green version of a
Post-it note dream. It’s low on frills but does have some very usable tools: 
  • Taking
    .  Whether typing or speaking, Keep
    can write down a quick thought or idea.
  • Making
    . Keep can easily create grocery lists, daily to-dos, and checklists.
  • Creating reminders.  Since it’s part of Google, Keep can
    not only put a due date on an item. It can add it to your Google calendar.
  • Organization. Notes can be
    sorted and color-coded for ease of use.
Keep is small, user-friendly, and cloud-based. All
data is available whatever device you use. Make a note on your phone, it stays
with Google and can be accessed on a computer or laptop. It also uses voice
recognition, so a note can be made by speaking into the microphone. (Great for
in the car.)
I love Keep. It’s the best. You’ll love it
In my next blog, I will put
up some quick how-to-use instructions for Keep.

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