Comment: I should
have changed the order of the blog posts. In an ideal world, I would’ve started
with Hemmingway, moved to Grammarly, then wowed (overwhelmed?) with
ProWritingAid. I say this because the program has underwhelmed me.

Hemmingway is an
online grammar editing tool. You can purchase the software for desktop for a
mere $20 for a full license. I’ve opted not to buy the software as I don’t
think I will use the program for more than the blog. 

The app checks grammar
and clarity issues. Cut and paste the text on to the web page and Hemmingway
will go to work. 
  •  Readability—The
    app uses a grade level to assess readability. (My work got Grade 3, “Good.” An
    article on Facebook got a Post-Graduate rating, with a “Poor, aim for 14.”)
  • Word Count Plus—Word
    count is listed next, but if you click on the down arrow, you also get reading
    time, letters, characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Highlighted Items
In this section,
the program highlights each issue to differentiate problems.

  • Adverbs—Blue. It
    counts adverbs with a percentage of the entire piece with a goal number for the
    word count. (E.g.: I had a 675-word piece and it advised no more than 10 adverbs.)
    The suggestion to fix it is usually Omit.
  • Passive
    Voice—Green. Highlights all cases of passive voice with a target. (Again, for
    675 words, the passive goal was 15 or fewer.) It does not suggest corrections.
  • Easier
    Phrases—Purple. Highlights places where simpler terms could be used. The
    program will suggest a few word choices or Omit.
  • Hard-to-Read
    Sentences—Yellow. The app highlights any sentences that are difficult to read.
    No suggestions given to fix the problem.
  • Hard-to-Read
    Paragraphs—Red. Red coloring indicates paragraphs that are tough to read. (The
    The Facebook article was completely red.)
Hemmingway is
also a word processor. You can write on the app with some simple formatting options
like Bold, Italic, Headings, Making a Quotation, Bullets, Numbers, and Links.
But there is no way to save your work. Cut and paste anything you’ve written to
another app to save it.

And that’s it. Hemmingway is a quick, simple
editor that will not do the work for you. It works great if you are
looking for a straightforward scan of your doc to see where you are. If you
need more complex editing, try a heftier grammar app.

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