Ideas for Using Airtable


This post is almost redundant with all the topics
from our first two posts on Airtable. As a writer, what can I use it for? The
answer is just about anything.

Novel Planning

Airtable, as a database system, lets the user create
any kind of project needed with the combined bells and whistles of many other
programs we’ve
discussed. The app lends itself to plotting a novel or a series. Each base can
contain a chapter, an act, or an entire book. Plotters can find nirvana using
the combined bases of Airtable, Google, and other apps that can link in. Use
Airtable to outline your book, collaborate with a co-writer or editor, or even
plan a whole series with linked bases to keep the details straight. Airtable is
perfect for creating a series bible, especially if you have many novels planned.
Bases are easily connected, and you can include research, photos, charts, and

Marketing Campaigns

bases can create an entire marketing campaign for authors for one book or many.
It works with checklists and reminders and connects with Google Calendar.
Events, posts, social media, and sales calls can be monitored, planned, and
scheduled through Airtable. And because the program connects with Google Sheets
and Excel, files can be exported, expenses and income from the campaign can be
monitored easily. Add an automation about thresholds (for spending or income
goals), and you have an even more powerful tool to monitor your progress. Don’t
forget, automations can post to social media for you! After the initial setup
of your campaign, Airtable can run much of it for you.


We talked last week about the templates on Airtable
but didn’t dig into
them. I won’t go through each one. I’m highlighting only two. Airtable is
designed for your needs, and I don’t want to stifle any creativity by shortchanging
the uses of the app.

Blogs: Airtable has a blog management calendar template set
up with titles, status, schedule, editors, etc. Obviously, those of us who blog
can apply this to our personal and professional posts. It could also be used
for a serial series. Perhaps you regularly add a snippet of manuscript to your
blog or newsletter, or maybe you post your writing to apps like Wattpad or Using this blog schedule template, you can see your pace, your
content, perhaps add a feedback column.

Event Planning: Someday, we authors will get to go to signings,
conferences, and events again. The Event Planning template is based on a large
event. Perhaps you are the event planner for your writing group, this template
can help you put together a great conference or signing. If you are just
participating in an event, you can scale down the template to fit your
appearance. Give yourself a packing checklist, a schedule, or a list of talking
points. But again, these templates are so flexible you can morph this one for a
simple bookstore signing or a marketing campaign. The handy calendar makes it
easy to use for a multiple-day event.

Airtable is a
powerful program and makes using a database easy. It might not be for beginners,
but with all the tutorials, walkthroughs, and templates, any user can get
started designing bases for their writing career.



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