Ideas for Using Trello

Trello has many uses as a project manager. As writers
though, we can tweak this program for our own use.
Organize Publishing Projects
Create a detailed To-Do list with cards for Drafting,
Editing, Publishing, Marketing, Social Media, and more. Don’t forget to add Due Date for
each card to keep yourself on task. Once the board is created with general
items, save it as a Template to use again. Think Plot Your Work but digital.
Create a Story Bible
Create a board for each novel, a card for each
character. If it’s
series, one for each book. Add cards with book titles, characters, settings, a
timeline. Never forget what color that character’s eyes are again.
Organize Social Media Calendar
Use Trello to create a year-long list of To-Dos.
Create cards for each venue—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. for each month. Add
dates for sales, launches, blog posts, and more.
Tame Blogs and Blog Hops
Create a board for your blog with ideas, post dates,
and other materials. If you are on a hop, enter due dates for your posts with
details about your topic. Invite your host to share the board with you for easy
Non-Writing Events
card system makes it easy to organize any events, writing-related or not. Got a
graduation party? Make a board with cards for guests, menus, venue, etc. Need
to put together a charity event? Create cards for businesses, donation, guests,
and tag other organizers with the Team feature.
Create a board with long-term goals for writing, and
personal life. Add realistic tasks to reach your goals. No due dates on this
one. Give yourself the freedom to achieve your goals at your own pace.
Take the time to peruse the Templates on Trello. There are a thousand ideas from Teacher plan books to HR new employee intros to virtual bullet journals
(no washi tape here though).
Trello is a very
versatile project planner, viable for any career and writers can benefit from this
free app.

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