Literature Map

Today, I want to
share a site that one of my reference librarians, Trevor Oakley, shared with me. Both
readers and writers will find the site useful. It’s called Literature Map.
The site assists readers in finding authors similar to those
they enjoy, plain and simple. 
  • Type the name of an author and the site will generate
    a web of other authors who write similar books. 
  • The initial author’s name will be
    in the center of the screen and the other names will settle around it. 
  • The
    closer the name to the first author, the more similar they are.
The system part of Gnod,
the Global Network of Discovery. The recommendations are from information
gathered by Gnooks, an author recommendation
To get very specific suggestions, 
  • Click on the blue question mark in
    the corner. 
  • Then click on the link on the word Gnooks (link above). 
  • Then click Continue.
    The site will ask for three favorite writers and suggest other authors based on
  • Users can click I like it, I don’t like it, or I don’t know. Each
    response is added to their database and a new suggestion will appear.
Not finding an author you love? 
  • From the home page, click the
    blue question mark. 
  • Then click on the word here in blue on the sentence that
    asks about missing authors. 
  • The next screen will have a box on the top to add an
  • Below the box is a voting spot to vote up some of the author suggestions
    users have made.
I recommend the site for two reasons. 
  1. Finding new authors
    is always a great thing for both readers and writers. 
  2. Specifically for writers,
    you can find authors similar to you and perhaps team up to cross-promote, get a
    blurb, or just compare notes.

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