Trello: A Project Manager

     Writers whether indie, traditional, or hybrid have
more tasks on their plates these days. Trello is a great app to organize all
things writing. This cloud-based program allows users to create a project
board, add dozens of tasks, and share them with others.

The format is visual. Multiple projects can be seen on
the screen and each board/card can have several layers to it. The system is similar to Google
Keep but with the ability to shuffle the cards into larger projects.
Trello is Google Keep on steroids. It goes beyond the
simple list-keeping capability. Options on Trello include checklists, due
dates, labels, team members, sharing, and attachments. Then there are Power-ups
and links to more apps!
Many writers today work with partners in co-writing,
editing, critiquing, and brainstorming. Trello allows users to update projects
in real-time. Due dates, new tasks, and other items (docs, pics) can be shared with
the group with a few clicks.
the digital planner you didn’t know you needed.
And the best part, it’s free.

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