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Welcome to my Apps for Writers Blog. My purpose is to assist people, especially writers, to find the best programs to enhance their writing.
There are so many out there. Whether it’s for the phone, laptop, Mac or PC, the choices are astounding. No one has time to sit and evaluate all the programs. Not to mention, finding the right fit can be difficult.
My plan is to review apps I have found to be helpful in my writing. Hopefully, the programs will help you too.
A little about me. (Pulling out my street cred…)
I’m a graduate of UCONN with a master’s degree in Education. My specialty in college was integrating technology into the elementary classroom. I worked with the New Britain School District to assist teachers in transitioning from Apple IIes to a modern machine with no “drill and kill” software.
I taught thousands of hours of in-service workshops. I helped students and teachers learn programs such as the Office Suite (yes, my kindergartens used MS Word), Inspiration, HyperStudio, and much more. Today, I use my degree to teach workshops for writers.
I’m a computer nerd, and I own it.
I’m not sponsored by the makers of the programs. My evaluations are based on my use in my home life (two teens!) and my writing career.
I hope you’ll find the blog useful for quick bytes about some great apps.
The blog entries will be divided into the following categories for ease of use: 
  • Organization
  • Planning 
  •  Writing
  • Character Development
  • Story Bibles
  • Productivity
Happy Writing!

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