Welcome to my new reading blog!

Hi. I’m Ginny Frost and oh my God, I love to read. I’m addicted. I totally admit it. So, rather than wallow in rehab, I thought I’d share my found treasures with the universe. Well, Earth, because who knows if there’s intelligent life out there and if they read blogs. And if they do, they’ll get some great recommendations here.
Anywho, every year I take on the Goodreads’ challenge and task myself with finishing 100 books. (Last year, I hit the 140 mark, but I read a lot of Agatha Christie and I mean a LOT.) This year I’m combining the challenge with PopSugar’s 2019 Reading Challenge. It’s only fifty books total so I’m sure I can do it. At least, I think I can. Well, I’ll give my best effort before I get distracted by new shiny, old dust, and colorful playful books. (Working in a library is both a curse and a blessing.)
Before I began the blog, I diligently ran through the list of book suggestions—four hours of pure fun—and selected 100 possible books to read, two in each category. Then I had the pleasure of making a List Challenge with all my choices. (This project is getting better and better.)
And now I’m reading, and reading, and reading and reading. I’m a little slow at posting my reviews which will end up blog posts, eventually. But stick with me because this will be fun. (Or a train wreck. Too close to call really.)
Here are some links to my Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18154365.Ginny_Frost  (please friend me!) and my List Challenge https://www.listchallenges.com/ginnys-popsugar-challenge-2019  (please take the quiz). I hope to hear your thoughts and comments on these books as we go through the year.

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